The 20 Best Paleo Diet Recipe Websites

My favorite recipes are in the video below. Click the video to access it.

the best paleo recipes

Elena’s Pantry

Elena’s Pantry is one my favorite recipe websites. She has a clean design  and features a wide variety of recipes.  Her strength is in the sweet stuff. She probably has the best collection of healthy Paleo desserts/treats on the internet. They are simply mouthwatering. You can check her out at


Civilized Caveman Cooking

caveman cookingThe Civilized Caveman Cooking is another one of those wonderful recipe sites I check back with often. Why? Because of the delicious recipes of course! He also features some Paleo diet related news from time to time. He’s got a large following and has a great cookbook. Check him out at


Against All Grain

against all grainAgainst All Grain is run by hot momma Danielle. Her site focuses on grain free, refined sugar free, and lactose free cooking. She doesn’t feature as many recipes as some other Paleo recipe sites, but she has amazing pictures and a clean design. Her recipes are more focused on baking. Definitely check her out at


Fast Paleo

fast paleoFast Paleo is a website that collects recipes from everywhere, including user submitted recipes. They have just about everything.  Their focus is sharing your recipes with everyone, so if you’ve got recipes to share or want to check out user submitted recipes, Fast Paleo is the place! head over to


Nom Nom Paleo

nomnompaleoNom Nom Paleo is maybe my favorite Paleo diet website! A wide range of recipes with amazing pictures makes me keep going back. She has other stuff besides recipe, like a shopping guide that shows you how to pick out the right tools for your kitchen. Perhaps best of all, she has her own Ipad app that features her recipes. Sick!



paleomgg PaleOMG is a website owned by Juli Bauer. She’s probably the most “eccentric” Paleo blogger out there, and people obviously love her for that. She has a huge following and an awesome website to go along with her personality. She updates frequently and always has a lot to say….. so check her out at



hbHealth Bent is a great recipe blog run by Brandon and Megan Keatley. They live and breath the ideal Paleo lifestyle daily, sharing their cooking, fitness, and general Paleo goodness with you. They are like the perfect Paleo couple! So if getting some perspective from a happy couple is your cup of tea, head over to


Paleo Effect

paleoeffectThe Paleo Effect has the most distinct and interesting website of all the Paleo websites out there. Navigating the website requires you to click on these massive pictures of tantalizing food. Very interesting concept. They don’t have a huge selection of recipes, but I think the website is pretty fun. Head over to to check it out.


Eat Drink Paleo

ireneEat Drink Paleo is a recipe blog out of Australia, run by cutie Irena. She’s got a cool and interesting design to her website, and of course, wicked recipes to cook. She’s got some cool content on succeeding on the Paleo diet and other useful resources. You can check out this Aussies website at


The Clothes Make The Girl

girlThe Clothes Make The Girl is blog run by Melissa. Her “about” page says: “I’m on a mission to be a superfit, well-fed, dressed-to-kill, glossy-haired, rock-n-roll, tart-tongued detective.” And her tag-line is “train hard, eat well, live loud.” She’s definitely got some personality, and of course, great recipes. Head over to to check her recipes out.


Everyday Paleo

everydaypaleoEveryday Paleo is run by Sarah Fragoso. This website is one of the more “all-inclusive” websites, that focuses on more than recipes. She has podcasts, a workshop, and her own Paleo diet recipe book. She’s pretty well known in the Paleo world. Her recipe section gets referred to pretty often, though I’ve never tried anything from her. Check her out at


Jan’s Sushi Bar

janJan’s Sushi Bar is actually not about sushi! It’s a wicked website filled with fantastic healthy recipes. She’s got some of my favorite cooked stuff ever and I highly recommend her website. She also has a blog section where she talks about life stuff. If living real and eating real is your kind of thing, head over to her website at


Primal Palate

primalpalatePrimal Palate, formerly known as The Primal Kitchen, is a website the features a ton of recipes. They are mostly gathered from around and put into once nice place for you. There is a blog section and even a forum section to connect with other Paleo people. Take a trip over to and check them out!


The Food Renegade

foodrenegadeThe Food Renegade is a pretty cool blog with a fair amount of Paleo recipes. The owner has a passion for real food and loves to help others reach their health goals. She’s got a few cool Paleo sections that teaches you some basic stuff that’s important, like what real eggs and meats are. Check her out at


The Paleoholic

paleoaholicThe Paleoaholic is a great website that focuses hard on recipes. If you check them out, you’ll see that there is a looooong list of Paleo recipes to choose from. They are likely aggregated from everywhere, nonetheless, there are tons and tons to choose from. So take your pick! Take a stroll down recipe lane and check out


Marks Daily Apple

grokkMark at Marks Daily Apple puts one a new recipe every week. He’s got a huge selection of foods since he’s been running his blog for many years. Mark is a leader in the Paleo/Primal living world. His website is actually focused on everything to do with this lifestyle, and the recipe part is a small part of that. Check out his recipes at


The Paleo Diet Lifestyle

sebThe Paleo Diet Lifestyle is run by Sebastian. He has one of the more authoritative websites on this topic, and has some of the best Paleo diet articles. But we’re here to talk about recipes, and he’s got a ton of that on his website. Along with his amazingly popular cookbook, this man knows how to work a kitchen! Get clicky and get to his website now!


Primally Inspired

primally inspiredPrimally Inspired is a blog owned by Kelly. her website is primarily made up of fitness articles and recipes. She doesn’t have a ton of recipes, however she absolutely lives and breathes the paleo/primal lifestyle. When you have a look at her recipes, you’ll probably agree with me that she makes her food with love and attention. her blog is growing fast and I’m sure there’s a great reason for that. Head over to Primally Inspired to check her stuff out!

Cavegirl Cuisines

paleo cave girlThis cute little recipe site is all about eating a clean paleo diet. She’s very passionate in the kitchen, as you’ll be able to tell from the tastiness of her recipes. Her website is designed well and easy to navigate. She’s one of those moms that, like a lot of us, is always learning to cook the right stuff, exercise the right way, and stay as healthy as possible. Check her out at


Paleo Pot

paleo potI saved one of the best for last. Perhaps even the best? Paleo Pot. Like her brand name, her recipes focuses on healthy foods you can cook in a slow cooker. When you have a look at their site, you’ll easily notice there are a huge variety of foods to choose from. Their mission is to help people put less time in cooking, and more on other things. Check out




The Paleo Recipe Book


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